Corinthian colleges loan forgiveness 2022 list of schools – Updated


Corinthian colleges loan forgiveness 2022 list of schools

Hey, Are you from Corinthian colleges, you should look at this important update on Corinthian colleges loan forgiveness 2022 and the Updated list of Schools/colleges. As the List of names of schools is vast, We Put it at end of the page if you want it, you can directly scroll down, Thank you.

Your remaining federal student loan debt might now be completely forgiven if you take a loan to attend a Corinthian Colleges campus.

On June 1, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education said that it will forgive $5.8 billion in federal student loan debt for 560,000 students who had borrowed money to attend a now-defunct university.

Here are some details regarding the most recent federal debt relief initiative, what to do if you think you qualify, and your choices if you don’t.

Over $1 billion in student loan debt has been forgiven over the past several years for students who attended for-profit universities and other institutions that may have deceived students. Borrower resistance to repayment claims, shuttered institutions, and other legal actions are among the grounds for student debt forgiveness.

Vice President Harris announced student loan debt relief for Corinthian College debtors in June. Corinthian College closed in 2015 amid allegations that it had defrauded its students.

Before an investigation revealed the for-profit school was misrepresenting job placement numbers and misleading students about the ability to transfer credits, it had more than 100 Everest, Herald, and WyoTech campuses spread across the United States.

Following its closure, Corinthian debtors were eligible to petition for Borrower Defense to Repayment, which permitted certain students to be exempt from repayment due to misconduct on the part of the institution.

However, Harris’ statement said that regardless of whether they qualified for Debtors Defense or not, all Corinthian borrowers will receive total debt relief.

Who are eligible for loan forgiveness and how?

According to the Department of Education, federal student loan amounts will be canceled for borrowers who:

  • Between 1995, when the institution debuted, and 2015, when it dissolved, attended one of Corinthian’s 105 campuses.
  • Borrowed money from the government to attend a Corinthian College.
  • Have submitted a borrower defense application for discharge.
  • Have not yet submitted a borrower defense application for discharge.

Tip: If you are eligible for the discharge, there is no need for you to take any action to get it. You will get contact from the Department of Education.

The cancellation follows years of inquiries by the California Attorney General’s office and the Department of Education. According to the findings of those investigations, Corinthian misrepresented the college’s job placement statistics, career prospects for Corinthian graduates, and the transferability of credits in order to deceive debtors.

Student loan relief to date

During the pandemic, the government first froze payments on the federal student loans and set the interest rate on such loans to zero. Despite many extensions from officials, payments are currently scheduled to start again on September 1.

1.3 million borrowers have received loan relief totaling $25 billion from the Department of Education, including those who benefited from the Corinthian Colleges loan forgiveness. The Department possesses:

paved the way for 690,000 borrowers to get $7.9 billion in school closure and borrower defense discharges.
made adjustments to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program that qualified 113,000 for loan forgiveness totaling $6.8 billion.
More than 400,000 debtors with complete and permanent disabilities received a discharge totaling more than $8.5 million.

Alternatives to forgiveness if you’re having trouble paying your student debts

If you are having trouble repaying your student loans but are not eligible for federal debt forgiveness or discharge, you have additional choices, such as:

Strategies for repayment according to income.

Your income and family size will determine the monthly loan payment amount under these payment plans, which are provided by the Department of Education for holders of federal student loans. There are four choices available:

  • Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE).
  • Pay As You Earn (PAYE).
  • Income-Based Repayment (IBR).
  • Income-Contingent Repayment (ICR).

Corinthian colleges loan forgiveness 2022 list of schools

Over 155 colleges and institutions may be eligible for loan forgiveness under various plans and agreements, the most recent of which being the proposed Sweet v. Cardona settlement. Nonetheless, many of the “owner” names do not correlate with the names of the institutions. We’re working on adding the names of each school to this list.

The following list is on the basis of alphabetical order A-Z:

  • Alta Colleges, Inc. (Westwood)

— Westwood College

  • American Commercial Colleges, Inc.

— American Commercial College

  • American National University

— American National University

  • Ana Maria Piña Houde and Marc Houde

— Anamarc College

  • Anthem Education Group (InternationalEducation Corporation)

— Anthem College
— Anthem Institute

  • Apollo Group

— University of Phoenix
— Western International University

  • ATI Enterprises

— ATI Career Training Center
— ATI College
— ATI College of Health
— ATI Technical Training Center

  • B&H Education, Inc.

— Marinello School of Beauty

  • Berkeley College (NY)

— Berkeley College

  • Bridgepoint Education

— Ashford University
— University of the Rockies

  • Capella Education Company (StrategicEducation, Inc.)

— Capella University

  • Corinthian colleges loan forgiveness

— American InterContinental University
— Briarcliffe College
— Brooks College
— Brooks Institute
— Collins College
— Colorado Technical University
— Gibbs College
— Harrington College of Design
— International Academy of Design and Technology
— Katharine Gibbs School
— Le Cordon Bleu
— Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
— Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts
— Lehigh Valley College
— McIntosh College
— Missouri College of Cosmetology North
— Pittsburgh Career Institute
— Sanford‐Brown College
— Sanford‐Brown Institute
— Brown College
— Brown Institute
— Washington Business School
— Allentown Business School
— Western School of Health and Business Careers
— Ultrasound Diagnostic Schools
— School of Computer Technology
— Al Collins Graphic Design School
— Orlando Culinary Academy
— Southern California School of Culinary Arts
— California Culinary Academy
— California School of Culinary Arts
— Pennsylvania Culinary Institute
— Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago
— Scottsdale Culinary Institute
— Texas Culinary Academy
— Kitchen Academy
— Western Culinary Institute

  • Center for Employment Training

— Center for Employment Training

  • Center for Excellence in Higher Education(CEHE)

— California College San Diego
— CollegeAmerica
— Independence University
— Stevens‐Henager

  • Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

— American Motorcycle Institute
— Ashmead College
— Blair College
— Bryman College
— Bryman Institute
— CDI College
— Duff’s Business Institute
— Eton Technical Institute
— Everest
— Everest University Online
— Everest College Phoenix
— Florida Metropolitan University
— Georgia Medical Institute
— Heald College
— Kee Business College
— Las Vegas College
— National Institute of Technology
— National School of Technology
— Olympia Career Training Institute
— Olympia College
— Parks College
— Rochester Business Institute
— Sequoia College
— Tampa College
— Western Business College
— WyoTech

  • Computer Systems Institute

— Computer Systems Institute

  • Court Reporting Institute, Inc.

— Court Reporting Institute

  • Cynthia Becher

— La’ James College of Hairstyling
— La’ James International College

  • David Pyle

— American Career College
— American Career Institute

  • Delta Career Education Corporation

— McCann School of Business & Technology
— Miami‐Jacobs Career College
— Miller-Motte Business College
— Miller‐Motte College
— Miller‐Motte Technical College
— Tucson College

  • DeVry

— American University of the Caribbean
— Carrington College
— Chamberlain University
— DeVry College of Technology
— Devry Institute of Technology
— DeVry University
— Keller Graduate School of Management
— Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
— Ross University School of Medicine

  • EDMC/Dream Center

— Argosy University
— The Art Institute
— Brown Mackie College
— Illinois Institute of Art
— Miami International University of Art & Design
— New England Institute of Art
— South University
— Western State University College of Law

  • Education Affiliates (JLL Partners)

— All‐State Career School
— Fortis College
— Fortis Institute

  • Edudyne Systems Inc.

— Career Point College

  • Empire Education Group

— Empire Beauty School

  • Everglades College, Inc.

— Everglades University
— Keiser University

  • FastTrain

— FastTrain

  • Globe Education Network

— Globe University
— Minnesota School of Business

  • Graham Holdings Company (Kaplan)

— Bauder College
— Kaplan Career Institute
— Kaplan College
— Mount Washington College
— Purdue University Global

  • Grand Canyon Education, Inc.

— Grand Canyon University

  • Infilaw Holding, LLC

— Arizona Summit Law School
— Charlotte School of Law
— Florida Coastal School of Law

  • International Education Corporation

— Florida Career College
— United Education Institute

  • ITT Educational Services Inc.

— ITT Technical Institute

  • JTC Education, Inc.

— Gwinnett College
— Medtech College
— Radians College

  • Laureate Education, Inc

— Walden University

  • Leeds Equity Partners V, L.P.

— Florida Technical College
— National University College
— NUC University

  • Liberty Partners

— Concorde Career College
— Concorde Career Institute

  • Lincoln Educational Services Corporation

— International Technical Institute
— Lincoln College of Technology
— Lincoln Technical Institute

  • Mark A. Gabis Trust

— Daymar College

  • Mission Group Kansas, Inc.

— Wright Business School
— Wright Career College

  • Premier Education Group L.P.

— American College for Medical Careers
— Branford Hall Career Institute
— Hallmark Institute of Photography
— Hallmark University
— Harris School of Business
— Institute for Health Education
— Micropower Career Institute
— Suburban Technical School
— Salter College

  • Quad Partners LLC

— Beckfield College
— Blue Cliff College
— Dorsey College

  • Remington University, Inc. (Remington College)

— Remington College

  • Southern Technical Holdings, LLC

— Southern Technical College

  • Star Career Academy

— Star Career Academy

  • Sullivan and Cogliano Training Center, Inc.

— Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers

  • TCS Education System

— Chicago School of Professional Psychology

  • Vatterott Educational Centers, Inc.

— Court Reporting Institute of St Louis
— Vatterott College

  • Wilfred American Education Corp.

— Robert Fiance Beauty Schools
— Robert Fiance Hair Design Institute
— Robert Fiance Institute of Florida
— Wilfred Academy
— Wilfred Academy of Beauty Culture
— Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty Culture

  • Willis Stein & Partners (ECA)

— Brightwood Career Institute
— Brightwood College
— New England College of Business and Finance
— Virginia College

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