What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field? In 2022

What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

Hey, are you wondering what companies are in the consumer services field? The right place for you to be is here. Consumer products and services are offered through the broad and diversified business known as consumer services. Among the businesses in this sector are hotels, cleaning services, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Companies that provide consumer services differ in terms of their unique products and clientele. These companies have been in business for a long time and have amassed a sizable customer. They provide a wide variety of products and services that are appealing to a large audience.

To assist with the query, “What companies are in the consumer services field?” we’ve compiled a top ten list of 10 businesses with their various sizes, industries, and histories in this article.

Several businesses now operating in the consumer services sector have studied some of the industry’s greatest and most prosperous businesses.

What Companies are in The Consumer Services Field

You might find a job that matches your interests and needs by researching companies in what companies are in the consumer services field. Consumer services or customer services are the services that businesses sell to their clients.

Consumer services are provided by a variety of companies, including those in hospitality, transportation, technology, entertainment, and banking. The following are the leading consumer service providers:

1. Amazon

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Size: 1,608,200 employees

  • The list of top businesses providing customer service to consumers must also include Amazon.
  • The consumer services division of Amazon is an excellent source for customers.
  • Numerous customer-beneficial services are offered on its website.
  • For instance, they make sure that interpersonal interactions are simple, they encourage partnerships between consumers and companies, and they also develop a corporate culture that listens.
  • A nice illustration of how they enhance customer service is Every week, practically, they use a service called Fresh Grocery Delivery Service to bring fresh food to their client’s doors.

2. Airbnb

Headquarters: San Francisco, California 

Size: 6,150 employees

  • In the sector of consumer services, Airbnb has had a significant influence.
  • This business, founded in 2007, has transformed the lodging sector and now offers its services in 220 nations.
  • This firm has had an effect on the hotel sector by allowing users to share their space.
  • Every day, Airbnb provides distinctive lodging options and activities that, to some extent, satisfy consumer wants.
  • Despite significant challenges, particularly in terms of its capacity to comply with regulations, the firm is nevertheless growing and leaving its mark on the consumer service sector.

3. The Walt Disney Company

  • Walt Disney Company is one of the well-known businesses in the consumer services sector.
  • This company’s goods and services are renowned for enhancing people’s lives.
  • Its primary goal is to inspire, educate, and amuse people all around the world.
  • The Walt Disney Company operates parks, studios, general entertainment, sports, and media & entertainment distribution.

4. Aramark

  • American entrepreneurs established the consumer services business known as Aramark.
  • The business provides services for the food industry, facilities, and uniforms.
  • It primarily serves clients in the leisure, healthcare, business, and jail industries.
  • Since they believe in the power of service, their customer services are of the highest caliber.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

  • The largest cruise line in the world is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.
  • Its services are available in more than 40 nations.
  • Leisure and business travel are two of its top vacation offerings.
  • In addition to offering cruises, holiday packages, vacation club membership services, and travel technologies, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is a leading provider of vacation and travel goods and services.

6. Hertz

  • Hertz Rent a Car, a provider of consumer services, was established in the US back in 1918.
  • The second-largest automobile rental firm in the world, it is a publicly listed company.
  • It provides a wide range of services including rental cars.
  • It is well-regarded for its customer service and is a fantastic resource for customers.

7. Starbucks

  • Starbucks is another outstanding customer service company.
  • Although it is famed for producing the ideal cup of coffee, other drinks and beverages need a huge team of people.
  • As a consumer services organization, it has a corporate goal to engage in humanity and enhance the well-being of everyone with whom it comes into touch.

8. StandardAero

  • StandardAero offers broad MRO services and specialized solutions to customers in business aviation, commercial aviation, military, and industrial power.
  • The purpose of all service providers, including StandardAero as a top provider of consumer services, is to deliver the best possible customer experience to its clients.
  • To accomplish this, they offer a variety of customer service options such as customer service chat, email, customer service phone, and so on.

9. Target

  • Target is a general goods retailer with locations in all 50 states and more than 1900 stores.
  • They are situated within 10 miles of the majority of Americans in order to guarantee that their items are accessible to consumers.
  • Target’s retail strategy includes “small-format,” a hypermarket called SuperTarget, and the discount retailer Target.

10. Rent-A-Center

  • Rent-A-Center customers may buy electronics, computers, furniture, appliances, and other items on a flexible payment plan.
  • They have long provided people with the opportunity to acquire products that they could not otherwise afford.

11. Costco Wholesale Corporation

Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington

Size: 288,000 employees

  • Frequently referred to as Costco, this business was established in 1983 and works in the consumer services sector.
  • 2015 saw Costco surpass Walmart to take over as the second-largest retailer globally.
  • The company has retail outlets throughout 8 countries.
  • Due to its low prices and strategy of selling in big quantities, Costco is currently a household name.
  • The business also provides a variety of other goods and services, such as optical services, pharmacy, and picture printing.

12. Carnival Corporation & plc

  • Carnival Corporation & plc, formerly known as Carnival Cruise Lines, is another business that ranks well in the consumer services sector.
  • For many years, Carnival Cruise Lines has offered its customers the greatest services.
  • They have expanded to become the third-largest cruise brand in the world since its founding in 1968.
  • Each year, they conduct studies and research to develop better goods and services in order to fulfill client demand.

13. Talkdesk

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Size: 5,000 employees

  • Talkdesk is a cloud contact center that supports companies in improving how they communicate with their clients.
  • Talkdesk’s high conversation quality and app integration feature helped over 1,800 businesses increase customer satisfaction and increase productivity in 2011.
  • The atmosphere in which Talkdesk employees operate is dynamic, built on culture, and forward-thinking.
  • For people in the information technology industry, Talkdesk has a number of positions available in various cities all around the world.

14. Expedia Group

  • Expedia Group is a leading provider of consumer services and a leading online travel firm that offers a variety of services.
  • It is renowned for having an easily navigable website with the best offers on holiday packages, flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and more.
  • It employs more than 40,000 people worldwide and operates in more than 200 nations and territories.

15. GS-JJ

Headquarters: Walnut, California

  • GS-JJ is one of the largest makers of promotional gift items in the United States, with the purpose of providing consumers with the best products at the best prices and with rapid delivery!
  • They have been making promotional gifts and other things for over 20 years.
  • They sell directly to high-end consumers, franchisees, and some of the world’s leading wholesalers!
  • Among their key goods are personalized lanyards, pins, embroidered patches, and other items.
  • These items provide the best advertising option for the majority of business owners and event planners.

17. Apple Inc

Headquarters: Cupertino, California

Size: 154,000 employees

  • Apple Inc. is a consumer services company that provides a wide range of products and services.
  • Users choose Apple’s mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, portable music players, and other leisure and productivity gadgets.
  • Apple offers a variety of services in addition to commodities through its linked firms.
  • There are several advantages and disadvantages to working in customer service for Apple.
  • Support and service personnel may be able to work from home depending on their job obligations.
  • Because of the inviting workplace atmosphere and the ability to learn new things, many people prefer working for Apple’s support and service division.

18. Tangerine Bank

  • Tangerine Bank replaced ING Direct Canada in 1997. After buying ING Direct Canada in 2012, Scotiabank changed its brand to Tangerine in 2014.
  • Tangerine provides Canadians with mortgages, mutual funds, checking accounts, and savings accounts.
  • Although the bank’s headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, it solely does business online. As a result, there are no physical branch offices, albeit it hires people from a range of vocations.
  • It employs people in data analytics, sales, and marketing, among other things.
  • Employees may make use of the following benefits: competitive compensation and retirement plans, professional progression possibilities, physical, financial, emotional, and social well-being programs, extended health insurance, and more.

19. Innovaccer

  • Innovaccer, a healthcare technology firm, seeks to improve patient care through big data analytics.
  • Businesses in the healthcare business may utilize Inovaccer’s data activation platform to make better use of the data they collect.
  • Innovaccer is recruiting specialists in engineering, talent acquisition, sales, and product management around the country to help enhance patient healthcare.
  • It was founded in 2014 and is an excellent solution for those looking to improve patient care.

20. Pfizer

  • Pfizer, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that offers services to customers, works with medical professionals and governmental organizations to improve access to healthcare.
  • Pfizer works with experts to create and provide customers with accessible healthcare solutions.
  • The creation and provision of accessible healthcare options may be something that Pfizer employees around the nation, including those in certain distant roles, are interested in.
  • When Pfizer was founded in 1849, its goal was to develop innovative medicines that could treat, heal, and cure illnesses.

Other consumer services | Companies are in the consumer services field

You might also want to know what industries come under consumer services while trying to find out what firms are in the consumer services sector.
Consumers can purchase goods or services from consumer industries. Examples of consumer service corporations include retail shops, eateries, lodging facilities, and hospitality establishments.

Among other professions, consumer services include financial services, real estate, healthcare, and education. These businesses are categorized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as part of the industries that produce goods and provide services.

  • Hospitality sector
  • Banking Sector
  • Insurance sector
  • Health and pharmaceutical sector
  • Communication and Entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Education

What are the highest paying jobs in consumer services?

You should now have a better understanding of the types of companies that operate in the consumer services sector. We’ll now discuss the highest-paying jobs in the consumer services area.

The consumer services industry provides several job opportunities.

Accountants manage the company’s finances, while customer service representatives handle customer questions and complaints, human resources professionals handle personnel issues such as employee data, marketing specialists create and execute marketing campaigns, and information technology (IT) specialists create and maintain computer programs.

You must have exceptional customer service abilities to work in the customer service sector. Customers are a company’s lifeblood, and if they are unsatisfied, they will not return.

Communication with others is essential. Employees in the majority of consumer service organizations must collaborate to achieve goals.

Is Finance Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

  • Nothing in life is guaranteed, but integrating finance and consumer services is undoubtedly a good formula for developing transferrable skills.
  • Even if you decide that finance isn’t for you, the communication skills you develop while dealing with clients will be useful no matter where you end up working and will provide you with additional opportunities to advance.
  • What are at least three careers that are in the consumer services field, you might be asking yourself?
  • You’ll enjoy the list of remote financial consumer services jobs we’ve provided below.

Guidance for securing jobs in the consumer services sector

Knowing the industry

  • Before beginning a career in customer services, do your research.
  • You will need to meet regulations unique to your state and the industry you wish to operate in.
  • It is also critical to think about whether a career in consumer services fits with your long-term objectives and way of life.

Get Educated and experienced 

  • Businesses that provide consumer services frequently reject applications from those who lack the necessary credentials.
  • You may advance your education by enrolling in online classes, earning a degree from a university, or signing up for sales boot camps.
  • Though you are educated highly in some cases, some companies need a person with education and experience in that specific field.
  • In terms of the importance of experience, consumer services are no exception.
  • If you’re a recent graduate looking to get experience, internships in the consumer services industry are a great option.
  • The following skills may improve with experience: listening to clients, working as a team, resolving issues in the real world, developing both soft and hard talents, improving organizational skills, handling stress, and more.

Make sure your resume is attention hunger

  • If you want to get interviewed, you must have a CV that effectively specifies your worth.
  • Hire a professional to help you if you are unsure about your ability to write a resume.
  • To check if you can modify sample resumes and cover letters to suit your needs, look online.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, your CV should be well-written.

Crack the interview

  • Do some study on the company and your position before the interview.
  • Spend some time doing it.
  • You can develop your self-assurance and your capacity to convince employers that you are qualified for the position.
  • Typically, getting a job depends on your confidence and understanding of the responsibilities of the position.

People also ask

Consumer services definition

Consumer services are those that are offered to private customers. Services are products whose value is mostly derived from immaterial, untouchable components like an experience, result, or process. These are typical categories of consumer services.

Consumer services include the formulation, reformulation, technical consulting, and testing of the majority of consumer goods, including water, paints, plastics, metals, waxes, coatings, minerals, ceramics, and household cleaners. They also include indoor air quality testing, non-medical forensic testing, and failure analysis.

What are consumer services jobs | What is consumer services

A consumer service person assists clients by offering useful information, responding to inquiries, and handling complaints.

Consumer services are those that benefit customers. The numerous different services that fall under this umbrella include banking, insurance, and healthcare, to name just a few.

What businesses are considered consumer services?

Still curious about what companies are in the consumer services field? You may see many instances of customer service all around you.

Consumer services include things like restaurant delivery, personal shoppers, vacation spots, and streaming entertainment options.

Businesses that provide social and health services assist clients in finding physicians, accessing medical records, and making educated decisions regarding healthcare items.

What is the difference between consumer goods and consumer services?

Consumer goods are the things that the normal individual purchases and uses. They are also the results of production and manufacturing; they are the finished goods.

The direct conversation between a customer and a corporate representative throughout the product purchase process is the customer service experience. In order to satisfy customers and promote repeat business, it is essential.

The commodities or services that make up the products are both acceptable.

Services are invisible in nature, whereas goods are real in the sense that they have a physical existence and can be touched. Both products and services should be useful and satisfy their customers.

What Are The 4 Main Types of Consumer Services?

There are four different kinds of services: business services, social and personal services, and technical services.

Business services are products and services that companies utilize to run their operations. These include banking, insurance, and transportation. More than ever, businesses now rely on specialized business services.

NGOs offer social services in order to further a specific set of social objectives.

Personal services are those where each client has unique needs. Restaurants, travel, and leisure services are a few examples of personal services.

Customers that need assistance with technical items, such as hardware and software, are given technical service.

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