What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay? In 2022


What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay? The average salary for a consumer services job can vary depending on the position and the company. However, according to Payscale, the median annual salary for a customer service representative is $30,000. For a call center manager, the median annual salary is $40,000.

What are consumer services jobs?

Consumer services jobs can be extremely rewarding, both financially and emotionally. They can also be demanding and challenging. But what are they, exactly?
Consumer services jobs generally involve providing customer service or support to consumers. This can include anything from helping customers with product inquiries to resolving complaints.

Consumer service is the assistance, support, and direction a company offers its customers when they interact with certain brands. Providing outstanding customer service is essential because customers are always looking for solutions to their inquiries, questions, and problems.

The exact duties of these jobs vary depending on the company and the position, but the goal is always to provide a positive customer experience.
If you’re looking for a job that puts the customer first, a consumer services role might be a good fit for you. These jobs are often fast-paced and require a lot of multitasking. But they also offer a lot of variety and the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Typical examples of consumer services include:

  • Transportation
  • Art and Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Finance
  • Related to hospitality.

If you’re interested in learning more about consumer services jobs, your best bet is to do some research on the companies that offer these positions.

What do these jobs pay? | What do consumer services jobs pay?

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the following are the starting salaries for various college degrees in 2018.
Bachelor’s degree: $50,000
Master’s degree: $60,000
Doctoral degree: $70,000

Keep in mind that these salaries are starting salaries, and with experience and additional education, you can expect to make more money. Also, these salaries vary depending on the location of the job. For example, jobs in major metropolitan areas typically pay more than jobs in rural areas.

And For 2022,

What do careers in consumer services pay? I guess you’re wondering. The average consumer service pay in the United States is $154,199 according to the most recent statistics on 2022, yet salary is a changeable component dependent on the job, education, certifications, extra talents, and the number of years you have spent in your industry.

What companies are in the consumer durables field? In 2022

Paying jobs in consumer services: With salaries

The consumer services industry has an abundance of job openings, some of which are well-paying positions. Below are a few of the consumer services positions with the highest pay:

Personal Finance Advisor

Income on average: $80,000 – $85000

One of the highest-paying positions in the consumer services sector is the personal financial advisor. By offering professional financial advice, they assist you in making well-informed financial decisions.

Their responsibility is to design your spending, tax, and savings strategies and meet their customers’ financial needs. You may seek the advice of a financial counselor because such services are not just available to the wealthy.

A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business, statistics, or a related discipline is required to work as a financial advisor.

Bank Teller

Wages on average: $36,120

A bank teller helps clients with financial activities such as money transfers, check cashing, money orders, depositing and withdrawing cash, and more. They are in charge of helping ATMs, counting cash, filing deposit slips, and balancing figures in addition to greeting customers.

A high school diploma or GED is required to work as a bank teller. A bachelor’s or associate’s degree is required for progression but not for entry-level work.

Compliance Analyst

Average Pay for Compliance Analyst: $78,000

Compliance analysts are in charge of making sure that the organization’s operations comply with legal requirements and standards set by the sector. They must be well-versed in all applicable laws, rules, and directives to do this.

To avoid such costly fines, they must set up the business or institution on a course that reduces the likelihood that these criteria would be broken.

To work as a compliance analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the field you want to work in.

Member Services Representative

Average Pay for Member Services Representative: $55,503

An employee of a bank, insurance provider, gym, or other organization having members is a member services representative.

They welcome guests, take phone calls, deal with inquiries and concerns, compile member feedback, and inform members of the organization’s benefits, rules, and regulations. They could also help members handle financial transactions or cross-sell or up-sell services.

A high school diploma or GED is required to work as a member services representative. Although not mandatory for an entry-level job, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is required for progression.


Average Pay for Receptionists: $46,661

Typically, receptionists work for a variety of companies, accepting calls, recording complaints, and guiding customers to the appropriate team member or division.

Small administrative activities like printing, copying, filing and telephone answering may be handled by a receptionist. They could also be in charge of welcoming guests and giving out visitor security credentials.

You require a GED or high school diploma to work as a receptionist. For entry-level positions, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is not necessary, although it is for promotions.

Service Adviser

Salary on average: $43,336

Service advisors are employed by a car dealership service department to connect clients with technicians.

They register vehicles, set up maintenance and repair schedules, and inform customers of equipment problems and expected turnaround times. They might also manage finances, handle transactions, and carry out administrative duties.

A high school diploma or GED is often required to work as a Service Advisor. Although not compulsory for entry-level employment, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is required for professional growth.

Financial Software Developer

Average Pay for Financial Software Developer: $105,000

Today, every business understands that a software developer is required to manage the business’ online operations. The company’s financial presence online is a crucial component of these efforts.

This role is suited for software engineers with strong financial acumen and the capacity to direct the economic growth of a firm. If you develop the essential abilities, you may anticipate a nice salary, which is why it’s one of the highest paying positions in the consumer services industry.
You need a bachelor’s degree in software development, engineering, or computer science to work in the financial software industry.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Managers earn an average of $47,886 a year.

Customer service managers in the consumer sector actively monitor how customer service employees deal with and connect with consumers to ensure a great customer experience.

They must also manage the volume of calls, the number of agents, the variety of problems that clients encounter, and how to resolve them. They typically work behind the scenes, which is extremely unusual, but they are rarely asked to assist customers directly or respond to their questions.

A degree in business administration or management is required to work as a customer service manager.

Flight Attendant

Average Flight Attendant Salary: $62,280

A flight attendant job is one of the highest-paying positions in the consumer services industry. Flight attendants are employed by both private and commercial airlines.

They greet passengers, direct them to their seats, assist them in stowing their carry-on baggage, display safety devices for safety compliance, provide food and refreshments, and offer emergency instructions. They also test emergency devices and clean the cabin between flights.

A high school diploma or GED is the bare minimum for becoming a flight attendant. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is not required for entry-level positions, but it is essential for progression.

E-Commerce Product Manager

Average E-Commerce Product Manager Salary: $114,000

As the popularity of E-commerce enterprises develops, so does the demand for E-commerce product managers. E-commerce product managers make certain that e-commerce sites run smoothly and without mistakes or mismanagement.

Customers’ feedback has risen recently as e-commerce has grown in popularity, and E-commerce product managers are accountable for maintaining good product quality.

E-commerce product managers serve as a liaison between the company’s development team and other departments. They examine client feedback to improve the company’s goods and services. This places it among the highest-paying positions in consumer services.

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Operations Management is required for an E-commerce product manager.

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance Officer Average Salary: $120,000

Chief compliance officers, like chief financial officers, examine whether organizations follow rules. Companies that fail to comprehend how they break these criteria may face hefty fines.

As a result, Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) are hired to monitor the company’s decisions and inform the decision-making department of any infractions of compliance standards.

A Chief Compliance Officer must have a deep awareness of compliance rules as well as a keen eye to see the company’s missteps. A Bachelor’s Degree in finance, criminal justice, or business is required for this post.

Account Manager

Average Pay for Account Managers: $100,000

The account manager for the consumer services sector keeps an eye on each account to make sure that each team member contributes and puts out great effort to fulfill corporate goals and objectives.

Account managers need to interact with the team so that everyone is aware of the task and due date. After then, they must imagine how the whole scheme will work and what the task would entail. Account managers are highly regarded by customers, making them one of the highest-paid positions in the consumer services industry.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, sales, or a closely related subject is required for an account manager.

Technical Support Engineer

Engineer Technical Support’s Average Pay: $72,773

In the consumer sector, technical support engineers must be capable of resolving any program-related concerns. Engineers that provide technical assistance typically work from a distance and interact directly with customers. Therefore, technical support engineers need to be very good communicators and patient.

Given that it calls for outstanding interpersonal contact skills and patience, it is a great alternative to the highest-paying positions in consumer services. Most technical support personnel have backgrounds in robotics or computer science engineering.

Hedge Fund Manager

Average Pay for Hedge Fund Managers: $145,000

To create hedge funds, financial institutions or private people partner with qualified analysts. Despite making six figures annually, effective hedge fund managers have a variety of skills.

The ability to perform as a hedge fund manager is required in a variety of areas, including risk management tactics and investment choices. Despite the challenges, you could learn the skills and be paid.

To hire a hedge fund manager, many organizations need a master’s degree in accounting or finance in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

Chief Financial Officer

Average earnings: $140,000

The Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) who handle business accounts are responsible for the accuracy of financial reporting. Clear financial judgments, strict budget management, and advice on firm efficiency expenditures are just a few of the position’s critical responsibilities.

A minor financial mistake might lead a company to go out of business or function inefficiently. This description should demonstrate the significance of the job of a financial executive since it is one of the highest-paying roles in the consumer services business.

A chief financial officer must have a bachelor’s degree in finance or a closely related field.

What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field? In 2022

What are the career opportunities in consumer services?

There are many career opportunities in the consumer services industry. Positions can be found in customer service, sales, and marketing. Many companies also have positions in management and administration. The industry offers a wide range of opportunities for career growth.

Employees can move up the ladder to positions of greater responsibility. The industry also offers opportunities for job satisfaction. Employees can help customers solve problems and make their lives easier. They can also help promote and sell products and services that improve people’s lives.

So, what do consumer services jobs pay? Generally, the salaries are lower than some other jobs, but the jobs can be more rewarding because you are helping customers. If you are looking for a customer service position, be sure to do your research to find the best company with the best pay.

The top consumer service businesses are listed below.

  • Amazon (AMZN) (AMZN).
  • Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST).
  • Airbnb (ABNB) (ABNB).
  • Apple Inc. (AAPL).
  • Walmart (WMT) (WMT).
  • The Walt Disney Company (DIS) (PFE).
  • Home Depot (HD).
  • Starbucks (SBUX)
  • McDonald’s (MCD) (MCD).
  • Corporation Comcast (CMCSA).
  • Uber (UBER) (UBER).
  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (BAM).

These skills are addressed in a variety of online education programs available on sites such as Coursera and Udemy. All of these courses can help you enhance your skills and earn a good career in the consumer services business.

Is consumer services a good career path?

Forecast for the consumer services sector through 2022 For instance, employment of customer service representatives is predicted to increase by 11% between 2018 and 2028. The reason for this growth is that more businesses are going online, which increases the need for customer service.

Is Finance Consumer Services a Good Career Path

Consumer financial services careers may be quite rewarding. It may be good work with benefits and a good wage.

Work might be challenging and exciting while also providing a great deal of delight. It’s crucial to choose the job path that’s right for you because working in financial consumer services includes many different aspects.

A job in retail, commercial, or investment banking is an option. You might also work in financial planning, insurance, or real estate.

Each of these industries faces specific challenges and advantages. If a position in financial consumer services appeals to you, it’s important to conduct your research and weigh all of your options.

You may discover a rewarding and successful job in finance consumer services with careful planning and dedication to your objectives.

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