When Will Car Prices Drop? 2022-23 Report


People get asked, “When will car prices drop?” every day. Fortunately, we’re happy to inform you that used vehicle costs are beginning to decline. Let’s see how…

Black Book researchers indicated that the wholesale decreases this week were similar to those seen at the beginning of the pandemic since they were so sharp. Why haven’t retail prices decreased as much if wholesale used vehicle costs are down so much? Well, we’re just getting started.

The need for dependable cars has increased as a result of recent events including the worldwide computer chip scarcity, rising petrol prices, and the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumers worldwide are pondering when automobile prices will decrease. Will used vehicle costs decrease in 2022, or will the industry need a few more years to stabilize? When Will Car Prices Drop

For those considering purchasing an automobile in the current challenging national economy, here is some advice.

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When will used car prices drop | Are Used Car Prices Dropping?

Although used car costs appear to be progressively down, experts concur that it will still be some time before there is a noticeable decrease in car prices. Before the production of new cars resumes at a normal pace, it is anticipated that we will have another 6 to 12 months of higher-than-normal pricing.

Overall, this suggests that used car prices in 2022 will stay high, and significant changes won’t likely occur until the end of the year or the beginning of 2023.

Buying a new car is never an easy purchase to defend. They lose value the quickest of any asset, and a decent used automobile gives the same advantages for a lot less money. This year provides some very challenging issues. Because vehicle production facilities were mostly shut down at the height of the epidemic, there are fewer new automobiles on the market, which raises costs for both new and old cars equally. When Will Car Prices Drop

Because they don’t know the complete history and want to be sure the automobile was well-treated by its former owner and will be as dependable as a new car would have been, many buyers are wary of secondhand cars.

This year, used car prices are expected to be higher than typical, according to Edmunds.com, but the blue book services appear to be accounting for those changes, so the prices you discover for specific models should be quite accurate.

CoPilot’s “Return to Normal Index” reveals that used automobile prices are now 43% higher than they were before the pandemic.

Will car prices fall in 2022? | When will car prices drop?

According to Cars.com, prices did decrease by $1,500 on the median used car price in the first half of 2022, reflecting the current situation of the used car industry. Although this is encouraging news, new automobile production isn’t expected to resume until the end of 2022, and costs are still significantly higher than they were before the outbreak.

When Will Car Prices Drop

The luxury vehicle and larger SUV classes are expected to experience the largest price cuts, according to wholesale data from the previous month. Why? Over the past 18 months, their prices have been the most inflated, and consumer demand for such cars is dwindling quickly.

The week of August 8 had a minimum -1.24% week-over-week decline in every luxury segment. In only one week, sales of full-size and subcompact luxury crossovers fell by about 2%. Wholesale prices for premium sectors have decreased by -5.32% since July 11, while used car prices as a whole have decreased by -3.19%.

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Calculation before buy

Is purchasing a car the correct decision? Think about total costs.

The typical American travel to and from work is 16 miles each way. The cost to rent a car for that trip varies greatly from city to city, but the national average is about $2 per mile. You’ll need to pay $32 roundtrip for transportation to and from work each day for a total of $320 every week.

Even if you live in a reasonably priced city and only pay $.90 per mile to commute, you are still shelling out $288 a week. When Will Car Prices Drop

So, if you compare renting a car daily to paying a car payment, the latter is still more economical. (Of course, keep in mind that in addition to your car payment, you also have to pay $30 a week for auto insurance and $40 a week for gas.)

Average monthly payments for used cars are $500, plus $160 for gas and $120 for insurance, for a total of $780. Still less expensive than renting a car. When Will Car Prices Drop

A new market requires new skills.

When Will Car Prices Drop? or When will used car prices drop

Prices started to decline slightly for a few manufacturers and dealerships.

According to Finkelmeyer, new inventories for some volume brands, such as Honda, Kia, and Toyota, are still extremely low (20–30 days’ supply), making it difficult to locate offers. When Will Car Prices Drop

Shoppers must be prepared to look for other brands. For instance, the current supply of several vehicles at Chevrolet and Ford is between 40 and 60 days. That almost sums up historical practice.

However, there are too many new cars for other automakers to sell. Finkelmeyer advises customers to visit their nearby Jeep or Ram dealer for the best options and prices. On certain models, those dealers “are offering 0% for 48 months or 2.9% for 72 months.”

How Is Inflation Impacting Car Sales Trends?

Sales of both new and used automobiles have decreased as a result of rising sticker prices that have lowered consumer demand. While monitoring 13.5 million in September 2022, the seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of light vehicle sales in the United States is still at recessionary levels. When Will Car Prices Drop

According to Brinkman, who cited data from the University of Michigan’s Buying Conditions for Vehicles survey as evidence, “demand destruction is happening.” Citing high prices and rising borrowing rates, consumers exhibit record-low enthusiasm against buying a new car.

The same is true for the used automobile industry, where sales in September 2022 decreased by 8% year over year (according to estimates from software company Dealertrack). Given dwindling consumer confidence, asset price deflation, rising interest rates, and sluggish economic activity, diminishing demand is probably now being exacerbated by the high pricing and historically poor selection that have long plagued the business, according to Brinkman.

Consumer mood is suffering from a worsening macro outlook, which is deterring potential purchasers from entering the market.

Despite the aforementioned supply chain problems, sales of electric vehicles are performing better. According to projections from J.P. Morgan Research, the penetration of electric cars (EVs) in the U.S. is remaining steady at around 12% as of August 2022. The long-term outlook for electric vehicles is promising:

According to the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) most recent survey, which was published in July 2022, one-quarter of Americans would probably choose a fully electric car as their next vehicle.

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